Final Pieces



Making Haper Collins

I made the whole animation on Adobe After Effects. I have learnt many new skills though tutorials online. I find watching tutorials helps me the best in learning new skills. I get most of my tutorials online from i find this website really easy to use and I would recommend their tutorials to anyone. 

I really like how the sun turned out because i think it gives a good lava effect.

After creating the sun I needed to make the sun explode. I  found this quite challenging because it was hard to make the bits of the sun so look real and I couldn’t make them circular the shape they would only go was trianglar.

I wanted to make the space look real and professional so I looked into different images from google and Nasa i tried taken ideas from each pictures.

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 Me and Hannah discuss each other’s ideas together and decided what we would do. I’m glad we thought about our own ideas then came together because we had a really good idea when a galaxy rotates slowly whilst the text fades in and out. We both agreed we wanted to go for the professional look because we want to show Harper Collins what we can do and maybe they will offer work experience.