Final Video




Went we had made the cube at Uni we came back to transport them to the woods. Unfortunalty the Uni van wasn’t available, therefore we had to find a way of transporting them ourselves. We explored ideas into organizing a different van to come and get them but it was to late to get it. We also tried getting a frame trolley from the janitor to make it easier to carry them by foot, but that idea also didn’t work. After discussing with my group we all agreed we would have to carry the frames by foot to Charminster. In the morning Me, Hannah and Sera meet up to pick them up and carried them back to sera’s house. Earlier that morning Hannah picked up the generator but when we went to test it out it didn’t work therefore we decided to film our short film in sera’s garden. After filming Sera took the footage ready to edit together the next day.

Cutting the wood and Making the Cube

We had ask the staff in the workshop to help us cut our wood, and they were very nice about it and were very helpful. after cutting our wood to size we used one of our own drills to screw them together.

We found it relitively easy but we made one silly mistake.

We ended up drilling the wood around chair and because we did this we had to take the screws out and do it again.

After making the fames we attached the fabric.

These pictures are of the final cube.