FrameStore Talk

Generalists and specialists in VFX

A guy called Dan came in a talk to us about Framestore the Company based in London and Newyork. I felt this talk was helpful and I am looking into applying for the internship for over the summer. Unfortantly there is only 10 places and they only can offer it to one person in my university. I am going to go home and over the Easter work on a really good showreel of all the work I have done.

He said everything they work on it done throw a pipeline of people including these:

Plate acquisition
Camera tracking
Look dev

All contacted to the specialist which genially knows it all and has last say.
-no one is 100% on anything you need to know other stuff too

Specialist in one-all are connected

Rigid body

Rigind body

Rigid body

Frame store internship
All information online.
Only one person in university can do it so need to do a good application!



Notes on the Guest Speaker- Tony Chance

Guest speaker- Tony chance

Smaller production company in England and bigger production company’s in America. Production companies in America tend to have studio space and a lot more money. A small production company in England would ask a bigger company for help with making the film.

First time script writers only get 10,000 then told that’s it. Then a team of 50 script writers rewrite in. First time script writer who have a name on the credits

Most English films r made in London. Pinewood studios is one of the low budget studios they could use.

Producer- has all the cash “makes the machine to make the film”
Director- puts the creative part into the movie. Calls the shots

Lots of departments for different things. Could be up to 500 people on set. These are some:

Camera crew
Art department
Visual effects
Make up artist

Directed will sit down with the storyboard artist and expand what he wants in the different scene. The storyboard artist will then do one in detail and which is clear. He will then take the finish storyboard to the director then he will check it though and get him or her to change anything the director wants.

There is a second unit director which would be sent to do background shots. The directors relationship with the actors are important so the shots which don’t have the actors in.

Film companies have insurance company. They have to listen to the insurance companies. Film companies are not aloud to put the actors in any harm because if they break or hurt them to films that they are going to be in after the current film there in they will have to pay for the other films insurance company cause they already have had loads of planning and it would be there film on delay.

Mission impossible.- train scene
Train was made from plywood and the wheels were done by cgi from the visual effects team.
Tom cruise is the most expensive part of mission impossible. Tom cruise was one of the producer.

Tony Chance Website