IPad Discussion

Today we had a discussion on our iPad 2s. There has been a lot of jealousy on our group having this privilege of getting our own iPad and most people just think we have been given a toy to play with when it is actually helps us dramatically. It helps us to research and gives us access to various software. We can record notes easy and digitally in class and we can access a variety of apps.

Phil set us into group to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the iPads. Our group discussed our iPads and made two lists of good points and bad points. After deciding on pros and cons we had to make a presentation to show to the rest of the class.

These are the good points we found out:

-Can take photographs to record our processing work.
-Loads of free apps to help us with the course such as Sketchbook Pro, Ebooks, Photoshop, etc
-Very Fast
-Easy to use
-Quick and easy to access blog and upload text and images.
-Easy to carry to and from uni in your bag.
-Can access word documents
-Easy to take notes.
-Battery life lasts a long time and warns you when it is about to run out.
-Environmentally friendly
-If stolen you can use MobileMe to track the IPad
-So much more convenient than a pen and paper
-No queues to get on computers as everyone has there own mini one.

The bad points:

-Because it’s popular and expensive it is more likely to be stolen.
-There is no USB or SD slot.
-Can’t print unless you have a wireless printer
-Sometimes you can be distracted from doing your work by using the games apps.
-It’s very delicate so could break easily.
-As it’s small it seems fairly easy to lose.

Overall our group came up with a lot more positives then negatives




Talk With Chris aka Peg

Peg has came in to talk to us about apps in the app store and how effective and relevant to our learning. We had to split into groups and look through the app store and pick two app which we have to present to the class.
Everyone showed the group the app they think is the best in there eyes. When I was looking though the apps i think the app called Around Me was the best because it allows you to see what petrol stations, pubs, hospitals, nightclubs and more or less anything in the area. We didn’t have enough time to show everyones apps so I didn’t get to show mine. The peoples which shown theres were really good. My favourite one was the flip book app and it allows you to view news, weather, twitter and Facebook easy and it is also fun to use. I have puts some screen shots below. The first one is Flip book and the second one is Around me.