Reflective Writing Exercise

The Chase

The piece of work was made for my Post Production unit. When I read the brief for this unit I got really excited. I really enjoyed making this video and liked putting the visual effects on. I tried to give the piece an exciting feel to it. I did this by putting exciting music in the background and making it go to a fast pace. Unfortunately the short video didn’t meet my expectation and there are loads I would change about it. Firstly I would of if I knew took a lot more footage so I have a bit more to edit with then I could of don’t something about the kick at the end and stop making it look unprofessional. Overall though I tried my best and I have learnt new skills with this unit.

I gave the piece loads of exciting shots to make it look more intense to the viewers my favourite shot is the one of a close up of Matt running. I did this shot by getting him to run with the camera facing him. Even though there is loads I would change about this piece I am still happy with what I have done and I can only improve on work I have created.


Editing the footage together With Premiere Pro

I started editing my footage together on Premiere Pro without the visual effects on it. My plan is to take it into after effects once its in order. When i go though the footage i noticed it wasn’t up to strach as much as i wanted but it was to late to re capture it because my actors were either on holiday or working. there is one bit it the film I’m not happy with when Alex kicks Matt and he misses but thats the only shot i have on that so i have to use it. i tried to cut it out but it doesn’t make sense without it.

This is the footage without Effects:

FrameStore Talk

Generalists and specialists in VFX

A guy called Dan came in a talk to us about Framestore the Company based in London and Newyork. I felt this talk was helpful and I am looking into applying for the internship for over the summer. Unfortantly there is only 10 places and they only can offer it to one person in my university. I am going to go home and over the Easter work on a really good showreel of all the work I have done.

He said everything they work on it done throw a pipeline of people including these:

Plate acquisition
Camera tracking
Look dev

All contacted to the specialist which genially knows it all and has last say.
-no one is 100% on anything you need to know other stuff too

Specialist in one-all are connected

Rigid body

Rigind body

Rigid body

Frame store internship
All information online.
Only one person in university can do it so need to do a good application!


Location and Actors

I am having lots of problems with filming because there isn’t a lot of places i am aloud to film because of the fake guns and I came to a  conculsion that i would have to film in my house out the way of the public view. i tried getting premission from police to film in bournemouth but they said no. i was about to give up and i was speaking to my mate from my home town and he said his mate owns a farm with private fields i could film in. i asked the farmers permission and made sure in was ok with chippenham police to and they said it was fine to. i did then come up with more problems because i lost my actors which agreed to be in it because now i have to film two hours away. The day after i got on the phone and asked around my friends to help me out with filming. Eventually my boyfriend, one of my good mates Alex and his mate Chris said they would be happy to help me out, which was really good news.