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Reflective Writing Exercise

The Chase

The piece of work was made for my Post Production unit. When I read the brief for this unit I got really excited. I really enjoyed making this video and liked putting the visual effects on. I tried to give the piece an exciting feel to it. I did this by putting exciting music in the background and making it go to a fast pace. Unfortunately the short video didn’t meet my expectation and there are loads I would change about it. Firstly I would of if I knew took a lot more footage so I have a bit more to edit with then I could of don’t something about the kick at the end and stop making it look unprofessional. Overall though I tried my best and I have learnt new skills with this unit.

I gave the piece loads of exciting shots to make it look more intense to the viewers my favourite shot is the one of a close up of Matt running. I did this shot by getting him to run with the camera facing him. Even though there is loads I would change about this piece I am still happy with what I have done and I can only improve on work I have created.

Reflective Writing Exercise

Reflective Writing Exercise

Her Morning Elegance- Oren Lavie


This video is a stop motion animation is is called her morning elegance. This video is a music video made to support the song in the animation. The song was written and sang by Oren Lavie, a Israeli singer and songwriter. i choose to write about this video because stop motion animation is in my opinion the most effective way of animating. I first saw this stop motion piece when I was at college and it has always been my favourite. I like the way the lighting makes it look like it’s a happy piece and the calming music throughout the piece gives the impression that she is sleeping before she starts to dream through the animation. This piece makes me feel relaxed and happy I love the way it shows that the girl is dreaming though telling a story on her bed. I like the way they have kept everything in the animation moving on her bed. My favourite piece in the animation is when she falls into the water and the fishes are socks. I like the way they have many used pillows as clouds and clothing as there props.

Stop motion animation is done by taking a picture or a frame, then moving slightly, then taking another one. This is done over and over till the animation has finished. I think it video is so unique and would have been so difficult to do. I researched into the video some more and found out that there were 2016 pictures taken in this animation. The piece was done over 48 hours and no of them breaked because they wanted to get it finished so badly. The continuity is very important in a stop motion piece because if one thing is slightly wrong it messes the whole animation up.

Personal Planning Reflection and Development Report

Personal Planning Reflection and Development Report

Over the past couple of years I have been involved in a number of events and opportunities to get work within the industry. It is important to get loads of work experience because you need not only explore the different jobs in digital media but to get a good understanding of what is expected of you in that kind of job your doing. It is also important to have work experience on your Curriculum Vitae to show different companies what you have already experienced in the media industry. When I was at college studying my BTEC National Diploma in Media I met a man called Richard he helped organize the Preloader Film Festival and he gave me and a group of three more people to help organize the film festival and present it. As part of my contribution I designed the posters and programs for the Preloader Film Festival and went to all the local schools in the area encouraging teenagers to get involved and submit a film of their own to be part of the short films in the festival. I enjoyed working on the Preloader Festival because I love working as a team and it challenged me because I get very nervous standing up in front of a crowd and I was chosen to introduce each film on the night. As part of the collection of films shown I submitted one of my film I worked of that month, I was also pleased to find out I came in 1st place too. In college I was also involved in working with a couple of primary schools in the area in Road Safety week to promote the dangers of road safety though stop motion animation. I really enjoyed that week too because I love working with children and found it really enjoyable showing them something new and producing a short film with their stories which they can be proud of. At college I tried to get more work experience with actually working with a professional company but I was unsuccessful, I have had more luck being in university because companies are more likely to take you because you have learnt the basic skills at university anyway. This year I have worked with a company called Relays producing a campaign film to advertise numbers of how many people get involved with the, how many events they have done and which companies are involved with them. They put the film in a competition of about five other films and we haven’t heard back about if we won or not. Me and the other people I worked on the film with, we got volunteers of the month in May 2012. I have send off many application to the BBC and ITV to try and get work experience with bigger companies but unfortunately I have been unsuccessful so far.

As well as getting work experience from my years in education the work I do is the most important part of getting the most out of college and university. I am currently in my first year of university at the Arts College University of Bournemouth and I have untaken seven units. I have to do a different project for each one the first unit we did was the principles of computer graphics and we have to create our take on a night out and involved computer graphics. I made a short minute film of an animation stick figure walking through the streets at night and then walking through the woods. I choose this idea because a walk though the wood at night would be my idea of a perfect night out not getting drunk and starting fights like other people my age would do. I created all the drawings which are animated on my iPad given to us at the beginning of the year. The second unit we were given was the principles of sound and video production. The entire group was split into groups of four or five and given each day of the week. Each film was given a beginning shot and an end shot and we could be creative on what the film was about. My group had you open scene of a bus stop and the end shot of a bicycle wheel spinning. We chose to do a documentary on the day club one of our group member works at. The day club helps look after people with learning disabilities and helps to give there carers and parents a helping hand with looking after them. I liked doing this unit because it was nice to work as a team and get support from each other when filming and editing the footage. The third unit we had was called digital publishing. I really enjoyed this unit because it gave us chance to use our iPads, which were given to us at the beginning of the year, and create a page for a digital eBooks for have on an app on the iPad. We were given a chance to work on the coding side of doing the app or the designing side. Originally I wanted to learn how to do the coding so I gave in a go and couldn’t keep up with everyone else because I found it really hard and at the time I didn’t have a Mac at home so I couldn’t practise, so in the end I did the designing a page in After effects. I chose to work as a team with Hannah Feeney. I chose to work in a team because it was easier to work on ideas together and she also had a Mac at home so I went there after university to work on it together. The other units such as post production and animation techniques I did mainly over the Easter break on my own and worked on it on my Mac from home. Finally the last unit I did was the placement unit when I worked with the Relays team during university time. I have found my first year of university challenging but rewarding as I have learnt new skills and improved the skills I have already had. The thing I have found the most difficult would be the blog. I find it easy to put stuff up but the writing I do with it and evaluation have been a challenge with me. Earlier in the year I was diagnosed with dyslexia and I struggle most with writing and spelling. The university have been very helpful and let me come in for one to ones when i am stuck and help me go though it with them and have gave me a computer for home so I can practise. They also gave me software called Dragon. Its speech recognition software and it helps me write big essays and reports, like this one.

When I leave university with a degree and hopefully lots of work in my portfolio I plan on moving nearer London and try to get a job with a media company. I’m not too sure of what profession I should go into yet but I have loads of interests such as animation and visual effects. I especially like the programme, Maya. It is a complicated programme but I have found a talent in modelling in the programme. I found this talent though doing the forth unit we did this year called Animation Techniques. We had to model and character or animal and give it emotions. For that unit I practised the programme a lot and really enjoyed the 3D modelling. I went to a talk from a company called Framestore which is based in London and they create amazing pieces of work for bigger companies in the industry. This year I did ask them for work experience but unfortunately I was unsuccessful again. This would be the kind of company I would love to work for because they work as a team and I could imagine it would be a friendly place to work with an amazing atmosphere. I am planning on applying for work experience with them again next year and hopefully I might be lucky next time. I am also interested in children’s television and it has always been an interest of mine since I was a little girl. Again I did apply this year for the work experience and again I  was unlucky but It’s not going to stop me from trying again because I know it will hopefully be my turn some day.

PPRD Questionnaire

  1. I haven’t done much work experience in the media industry yet but I have done little projects on the side of my course work, which I’m making for different companies. I think work experience is key in getting a job in what you want to do.
  2. The projects I have done on the course so far show my personal influence in them. For example in the Night out project in like to go on night walks and I showed that though my project
  3. I think my strong part would be working on after effects I have been working on after effects for 5 years and I’m still learning new skills. I think I am getting quite good on 3d modeling I have been practicing at home and I’m creating realistic models
  4. I practice at home on my Mac with the student edition of Maya and other programs. I use Thursday as a practice day as we get it off university.
  5. I am at the moment getting into contact with little companies that need work doing for them and hopefully at the end they will give me a good refinance when I leave university and getting a job.
  6. I am good at working in a team and being the leader of a group as i work in MacDonald’s and am usually area leader. I am really good with IT skills and pretty much no how to take them apart and build them again. I taught myself from a young age how to fix laptops and use to do it for my friends and family for free.
  7. To work in this industry I think you need to be hard working, get the work done promptly but at a good standard, a good range of IT skills too.
  8. I am practically skills which are being used in the industry today so I have good knowledge of what they want.
  9. I have already put a portfolio of work I created in my spare time and in college. I am adding this to it constantly though from university.
  10. It helps me at the moment to give to companies for reasons above and its going to help me get a job when I graduate.
  11. Goals in:

0-12 Months – Get good grades in my projects and get my more work experience with companies in the industry

12-24 Months – Get even more work experience in companies and complete the first year with a good range of skills and got good grades.

After graduation – Get a job in London or travel to America to work and pick new skills up there for when I move back and get a job.