FrameStore Talk

Generalists and specialists in VFX

A guy called Dan came in a talk to us about Framestore the Company based in London and Newyork. I felt this talk was helpful and I am looking into applying for the internship for over the summer. Unfortantly there is only 10 places and they only can offer it to one person in my university. I am going to go home and over the Easter work on a really good showreel of all the work I have done.

He said everything they work on it done throw a pipeline of people including these:

Plate acquisition
Camera tracking
Look dev

All contacted to the specialist which genially knows it all and has last say.
-no one is 100% on anything you need to know other stuff too

Specialist in one-all are connected

Rigid body

Rigind body

Rigid body

Frame store internship
All information online.
Only one person in university can do it so need to do a good application!



Colour Correction With Elliott

Screen Shots of Colour Correcting on After Effects.

When we improved the colour on After Effects we used the Curves effects. I found this tool really easy to use and it was really straight forward. Curves is a good tool if you want to do subtle change to the colour.

Final Video from After Effects Curves

You can give the footage more of a emotional to it by changing the colours for example you can make the footage brighter and give it more of a orange tint to make it look more happier or make to dark and blue to make it sad. I created this:

Showing the Change-

We tried colour correcting in Premiere Pro but i didnt like the Three Way Colour Corrector. There is a Plug in called Colorista you can buy which looks alot easiler.

Screen Shot of Colorista

3d Modeling

Today we had a tutorial on Maya. We learnt the basic skills of modeling in Maya. i have previously worked on 3d Max briefly but i found Maya easily to use.

We started off with a basic image.

We imported the image into Maya and used the image as a guide the model around.

I also created a banana. i had to use the split polygon tool to make the shape more like the image.

Final Image

Other Image i made.

After Effects- Tracking

Today i learnt how to track at image in after effects. i found it really interesting and was happy to learn more useful skills for the future.

Motion Graphics

Today we were working on Motion Graphics. Motion graphics is one of favourite parts of Digital Media and it is the reason way I got interested in the course. Pegg came in and helped us compile images together using layers on photoshop ready to animate with jason. We first sketched and couple of ideas out of what kind of images we wanted to do. We were going to create three images each but dues to the number of computer because of AUCB open day there was enough time. We all created one image which has three or more moving layers. I did things moving on the sea. Pegg said this could be really hard but I was up for a challenge. I’m going to have a sea buoy, sailing ship, cruise ship and clouds moving in my picture. I have used photoshop before at college so therefore I knew all the shortcuts which made it easier and quicker.

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