Work Placement

Work Placement Report

As part of my final unit of my first year, I had to experience the industry buy doing work experience for a professional business or organization. At first I found it really hard to find a placement. I emailed and rang so many companies but they were either not interested or already were full of vacancies. I applied to do my work experience though the BBC but I wasn’t successful. I really wanted to do this so I was pretty gutted when I was declined, it was due to a high amount of application. The work experience was to be a runner in the CBBC department of the BBC. I have always love children television and would be considering going into that part of the industry when I finish University. After searching around I herd the arts and management department were looking for volunteers to help them out. I heard this from my course leader and Me, Hannah Feeney, Sera Sakeyera, Lucy Elford and Pablo Rahn from my course came forward to help out.


I worked with the Arts and Management leaders at the Arts University College of Bournemouth. The leaders were part of a group called Relays, Relays is a organize project which is delivered through universities and organisations in the South West. It encourages sports and different activities. They asked for volunteers though the University and me and four other students were happy to help. We had to help plan and make a campaign video to show the public what Relays has done over the past couple of years.

The campaign video had certain rules and regulations we had to follow, such as the video had to be 30 Seconds long. It was entered on a website along with other relays teams videos across the South West. When the video went up the website was open to the public to vote for there favorite. The video was also on you tube to appeal to a wider audience. When given the challenge we got started right away on the planning. It is really important to plan everything before starting because otherwise you don’t want to be wasting time when you have the equipment out. This is because someone else in the university might want to use it or in the media industry it will cost a lot to have delays. For example an actor like Tom Cruise wont be cheap to keep on another half an hour. We had from the 13th-20th to plan, film and submit the video so we were on a quick deadline. We all knew about the deadline and respected that because it is a professional organization and you cant miss it.

When planning, the first thing we did was go around in a circle to see what ideas everyone had and jotted them down on a piece of paper. We came out with a rough idea of what we were doing then asked the Relay leaders their option, but mainly to see if that is what they were looking for. Next we got the feedback and mended our ideas to fit them and began making a storyboard. Storyboards are important because they are easy to take on a shoot with you and it gives everyone and yourself a clear way of showing you exactly what would look like of each shot. We took all the planning notes and storyboard on each shot so if anyone was unsure of what they were doing they could revert back to the notes. In planning we had to think about everything from weather to actors. For the actors we used volunteers in the university and our team of people helped out to.

We did our filming on the 16th-17th April and it went pretty straight forward we managed to film all the footage we needed and more within the two days ready to film the day after. On a couple of occasions we found ourselves without actors to put in our film. This was due to everyone having a deadline in a couple of days so they wanted to get their essays finished. In the end we managed to use a couple of students from my course. We filmed on a few locations around the campus to “show off” the university to other people not attending it. We provided all our own equipment, as the university didn’t have any in stock. We used a Cannon D1000, Pablo in my group owned it and volunteered to bring it in. Lucy brought her tripod so we could film on an even surface. Luckily everyone in the group knew how to use the equipment so it as really straight forward. Everyone in the group had ago at filming on each day and we were all in the video.

Next we had from the 18th-20th to edit and submit the video onto YouTube for everyone to watch. My favorite part of this experience was the editing and I got really into it. Everyone in the group had a part in it as the same as filming and planning. Firstly we tried editing the footage at the university but the Internet was down that day so we couldn’t. Luckily I lived just down the road with a Computer Mac with all the software on it so it wasn’t a problem. We all went back to my house and edited there. We backed up all our footage to give to Relays for future use. We edited the video on Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects. We did all the visual effects on After Effects and the less completed stuff on Premier Pro. When we edited our first copy we sent to Jo Gardener. She then checked it with the other leaders and told us any feedback or changed we needed to do. We sent them a first copy on the 18th to get the feedback on the next morning. We needed to make a couple of changes to the video, which took us all day from 9am to 8pm. We finally finished and sent them the new video. We had a reply the morning after and they loved it we spend the 20th submitting the video and relaxing.

I enjoyed my work placement as I think it challenged me and my team to produce something so big in such little time. I enjoyed working with my course mates, as they were as engaged into the project as I was and were very talented. This experience has improved my skills and given me a taste of want the industry wants from me. A couple of weeks later our group were asked to volunteer on another event to, due to me being away on holiday to couldn’t do this event but the rest of my group did attend. They said it was really fun. I wished I could have attended as I think I would have enjoyed myself to.

Even though work placement are meant to help you choose a career path, I still am unsure on which part of the industry to do into because there is so much I could do. If I could do it all I would but unfortunately I will have to narrow it down towards the end of my course. My work experience has shown me lots of things I can do such as filming, editing and planning all that are really important for having a successful out come. My team and me have been in contact with Relays and they have offered for us to work with them in the future and they explained it would be paid work. I also have their email and if they need any help they know they can email me. I am really pleased that my work placement was really successful and can’t wait to work for them again.

You can find our video on my blog or on YouTube if you type in Relays 2012 AUCB.

Couple of photos of the week:



Work Placement April 2012

For my work placement this I worked with a team called Relays we had to make a campaign video to put into a competition for hopefully them to win about the number of events, how many people got involved with them and which companies were supporting them. I really enjoyed doing this placement and it was nice to be working for a professional client. Even though there was a lot of pressure to get our video done on time I liked having a challenge. I have learnt lots from this experience such as working in a team and having to defiantly meet a deadline. It is defiantly important to do this because you don’t want to disappoint your client because then they wouldn’t recommend you on or they might not even pay you.

When doing my placement I was in a group of five people including me. I knew and get on with all the people I was working with so it was easy to communicant with each other and share ideas. We completed the video over three days. On the first day we planned and filmed our short video and was finished by 4 o’clock. The first day went really well because everyone knew we had to stick to a very tight deadline and we all pulled together to get it done the other two days was doing the editing. At first we had a slight problem with the editing because the computers were down at the university but I suggested we could do it on my Mac at home so we went back to mine a did it there.

Overall this experience has been a benefit towards completing the course with a good knowledge of the media industry and has given me more confidents that I defiantly want to work in this industry. I hope to get more work experience because it is good to have a good understanding of everything and it also proves to employers you can do the job.