Final Projection on stage construction

Me and Hannah made this video to show what the projections would look like on the stage. We made it to show Ollie and ken in the Production meetings. After making and showing this video it makes me very excited to get the to performance.


Discussion before final meeting

indian-colourwy indian-beach woodland-x2-screens pansy old-man-winter


After we had a meeting with Ollie and ken, me and Hannah went back to hers to discuss what we were going to do next. In the meeting we were told we have about two weeks to complete  the projection and have them ready so we can work on the technical side. we need to put them into modul8 and find out how to play them and show them how we want. Ollie also gave us these stage structure models with our projections on them. looking at these models made me panic a bit as we don’t have long.

Indian Theme Our Video We Made

We made this projection around Hannah’s house one evening. I really liked this idea and felt it came out really good. we filmed clear water and dropped three different colours into the vase. After filming we used after effects to edit the footage together and over lapped in and changed the speed to make it more effective.

There is the final Video:

(Youtube Link)



Purple flower And Old Man Ideas And Drafts

In our last meeting we spoke to Ollie and Ken and they also wanted us to make to additional projectors to show be hide the characters. The first projection is one of a old man blurring in and fading out again and the second projection is of a purple pansy fading in from black and blurring out again.

Me and hannah went back to her house and started on coming up with getting drafts ready to show them in a few days. We found different images to use but finding a old man with a leaf headband that was suitable did prove differecult in the end we came up with this image;

oldmanwithbeard-copy Original

oldmanwithbeard-png After editing

We added a head band and colour corrected it on photoshop.

For our next meeting we edited it so the old man faded in from a landscape image on google.

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This image we found on the pansy we cut out in photoshop and blurred it in from black.

purple-flower purple-flower-35375 screen-shot-2013-01-28-at-14-00-26 screen-shot-2013-01-28-at-14-13-16


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Indian theme ideas

As part of a scene. Ken wanted a tripy projection to go next the the bit when the ass is levitating we discussed the ideas of putting oil and water together to get a mixed of colours which looked hypnotising to the audience. I found a few videos on youtube which I liked the look off and could either use or use for inspiration to make my own.

I like this one because of the depth of feel. it looks mesmerising and if i was to do something like this i would add food colouring to the fit the colour scheme.

I watched this video and really liked the look of the colours moved together and blending.

I think food colouring would work better for the kind of effect were going for for this projection. We are planning on doing it our self because then we can use the colours we want.