Nightout Project- Research

Our First Project of the year is called ‘Night out” we need to work to the brief to create a digital image of a night out. My final piece should be a piece of computer graphics, which is clear that it satisfies the artistic and technical requirements of the brief. Firstly I created a mind map of ideas I could think of at the time. I found making mind maps helps me put ideas to paper and I can then make stronger ideas to do.

Everyone’s perception of a night out is different and different people enjoy doing different things. I my opinion I would rather go on a nice night walk with my boyfriend in the country rather then going out and getting drunk. I decided though my mind maps that I would portray my night out that way. Personally I love working with after effects and wanted to use the program to create my final piece.

I am doing lots of different research of different animations and images of a night out to get my mind thinking of the ideas I could do.

I went on YouTube and found lots of interesting videos which portray a night out.

This is the First video I found it was made by a guy called Mark and it portrays the emotions of a night out in London. I think what he’s done look good and it’s a good way to show how the person is feeling who is there.

The Second Video I found shows a nightclub as a loud, drunk atmosphere. Some people like to go out clubbing and get drunk but unless I’m with people I trust and with my boyfriend I don’t really like going out to that atmosphere

The next video even though it is a taxi advert I really like it shows a girl walking though a dark field at night and that is the kind of thing I love to do.

These are some images of a Nightout:

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After Effects- Tracking

Today i learnt how to track at image in after effects. i found it really interesting and was happy to learn more useful skills for the future.

Motion Graphics

Today we were working on Motion Graphics. Motion graphics is one of favourite parts of Digital Media and it is the reason way I got interested in the course. Pegg came in and helped us compile images together using layers on photoshop ready to animate with jason. We first sketched and couple of ideas out of what kind of images we wanted to do. We were going to create three images each but dues to the number of computer because of AUCB open day there was enough time. We all created one image which has three or more moving layers. I did things moving on the sea. Pegg said this could be really hard but I was up for a challenge. I’m going to have a sea buoy, sailing ship, cruise ship and clouds moving in my picture. I have used photoshop before at college so therefore I knew all the shortcuts which made it easier and quicker.

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