Filming With Elliott trent

Elliott Trent came in and showed us the basic way on how to film using professional cameras. Elliott is a free lance film maker and has just finished the Digital Media course I am on. I have had experience with filming at college so I already knew the stuff he was showing us but I learnt how to use Sony VX1000 which is what they use at the Uni. He showed everyone how to White Balance, Shutter Speed, ect. Elliott gave us a script to go from called Invasion which was writen by one of his friends. After we read through the script we went into groups of seven and made storyboards to help us. We skipped lunch and got straight on to filming. Next week we are planing on editing the footage together. The script and storyboard is below.


Talk With Chris aka Peg

Peg has came in to talk to us about apps in the app store and how effective and relevant to our learning. We had to split into groups and look through the app store and pick two app which we have to present to the class.
Everyone showed the group the app they think is the best in there eyes. When I was looking though the apps i think the app called Around Me was the best because it allows you to see what petrol stations, pubs, hospitals, nightclubs and more or less anything in the area. We didn’t have enough time to show everyones apps so I didn’t get to show mine. The peoples which shown theres were really good. My favourite one was the flip book app and it allows you to view news, weather, twitter and Facebook easy and it is also fun to use. I have puts some screen shots below. The first one is Flip book and the second one is Around me.

11th October 2011

Today we had a guest speaker in called Tony chance he is a storyboard artist and has been involved in many well known films. He has storyboard for:

-Mission impossible
-American beauty
-102 dalmatians
-Road to perdition
-10,000 BC
-Bridget jones edge of reason
-Primeval the tv series
-The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy
-This year he is working on the new X-Men movie.

I learnt so much about the different ways to show a shot in a storyboard and he helped us to draw simple sketches of people and vehicles. I used my iPad to draw some of the techniques he was showing us. We used a programme called Sketchbook Pro on our iPad to draw with our fingers. In the future I have ordered myself a iPad stylist pen so I can in future draw with a pen on the iPad. I think I will find this easier then using my fingers. I have put the testing pages and different sketches I did on sketchbook pro on here.

4th October 2011

So far I am loving the course. Today we were given our own iPad 2 to help with the course. I think it was a really good idea because it means we have a good way to share our work with other students and to quickly make notes. Being a media student I think it’s good to know how tablets are developing. I am very excited to get on with my course and I’m looking forward to what is com