Editing Invasion and Garage Band

Today we were shown how to use Premiere to edit footage. At first I was very certain that Final Cut Pro was the best programme to use for editing footage because Final Cut Pro was what I used throughout college. Elliott changed my views on that today and I now think that Premiere is easier and really straight forward to use. We started editing Invasion in the morning and over lunch.

At 1 o’clock I had to go to a dyslexic appointment so I missed a talk at 2 but when I got back at 3.30 Phil was showing everyone how to use Garage Band. In the section I went to I still learnt a lot and created a short piece of music. unfortunately i couldn’t put the music on here.


Filming With Elliott trent

Elliott Trent came in and showed us the basic way on how to film using professional cameras. Elliott is a free lance film maker and has just finished the Digital Media course I am on. I have had experience with filming at college so I already knew the stuff he was showing us but I learnt how to use Sony VX1000 which is what they use at the Uni. He showed everyone how to White Balance, Shutter Speed, ect. Elliott gave us a script to go from called Invasion which was writen by one of his friends. After we read through the script we went into groups of seven and made storyboards to help us. We skipped lunch and got straight on to filming. Next week we are planing on editing the footage together. The script and storyboard is below.