Photoshop With Chris

Today we worked on Photoshop to make graphics which shows nature and technology together. The first part of the morning we went out and took pictures of nature. We got photos of flowers, plants, grass and farm life. Our idea was to show nature taking over technology. We had to create five graphics. when starting to do Photoshop work i had a little play about on it to learn the basic actions and techniques of Photoshop.

In the first picture we have blended the two image together. The background is the billboards from New York and the second image is from when we went outside to take pictures. When the image was done we went to filter gallery and put cut out on the image of the grass.

In the second picture we got the a image of the Pairs metro station and put a image of grass and plants on the tracks we also put the cut out filter on the image to give it a edging look.

In the third image we’ve done it’s the Tokyo High street with a flower back ground. In this image we didn’t use a filter on it but I changed the backgrounds contrast and opacity to make the other image. I used the blur tool to blur the image together.

In the forth picture Sera put a lighthouse on the sea. the filter she on the image was poster edges.

In the Fifth Image Lucy masked the plants and put a city background. Lucy used the blur tool to merge the image. The filter used was called defused.


Photoshop Intoduction

Today i was shown the basics of Photoshop i created this image. i started off by masking my body around the edge and overlaying an over image. i used a picture of a nice tropical sea to make it look realist and natural. I was really pleased with what i created and I learnt lots of new skills.